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Even out your complexion without clogging skin and pores with the Loose Mineral Foundation for a full coverage satin finish. Finely milled for an ultra-fine texture so the product won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles on mature skin. Packed full of nourishing mineral ingredients to care for your skin over time. Titanium Dioxide provides UV protection (SPF 15) and diffuses light for a soft-focus finish. 

With an innovative sifter design for less mess and less waste, you can build your coverage from lightweight to full coverage, using only the tiniest amount of product.

• Vegan & free of nasties and fillers such as talc, chemical dyes or binders

• No synthetic irritants or chemical preservatives

• Highly resistant to heat, rain and even tears

• Will cover blemishes without clogging pores unlike traditional makeup which can prolong or worsen any redness, dryness and blemishes.

Application with our Buffer Brush and Natural Oil Primer easily turns our loose Mineral Foundation into a 100% natural liquid foundation and not only is it 100% natural but it feeds your skin with vitamins whilst protecting it from the environment.

Shade Selection

  • Colour 001 - is our lightest colour and is therefore suited to the lightest of skin tones. Suitable for skin that burns incredibly easily.
  • Colour 002 - is suitable for those with light Ivory skin. A skin type that burns easily may have freckles and capillaries
  • Colour 003 - is one of our most popular colours. It suits most medium skin tones and for those with skin that sometimes burns but gradually tans.
  • Colour 004 - is also a popular colour. This colour is one shade up from colour 003. Suitable for those that tan from the sun.
  • Colour 005 - is merging into the olive skin tones. This colour is suitable for those that rarely burn and tan easily.
  • Colour 006 - is suitable for quiet dark skin. A skin tone that is tanned all year round.
  • Colour 007 - is our darkest foundation, suitable for those with very olive skin that never burn.

L.A Skin Mineral Powder

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