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About Medical Cosmetic Colour Camouflage Tattooing


Do you know That as a Cosmetic Medical Tattooist I can colour Camouflage, Just about Any post Surgery Scar, Removal Of Skin Concerns, self harm  scars, Burns, skin grafts, any skin that has loss of pigment due to these concerns or trauma, irregula   loss of colour or elasticity  of the skin, I can camouflage your concerns to match your surrounding skin, as best as possible,  with my Extensive Knowledge Of Colours & Cosmetic Pigments , to give you A less obvious or concealed result.

With colour Camouflage or correction I can create, a wide range of medical treatments such as Belly Buttons, Areola  reconstruction, unbalance lips or scared lips with loss of colour or skin, blend   Vitiligo , stretch marks, self harm marks and or scars, scalp Tattooing, which takes on the effective a full head of hair or adds volume to the base of the scalp with Loss if hair due to many conditions & concerns  for both Men  & Woman. I have many years of experience in this area, as it is an absolute passion of mine. Please call and speak with me today, LisaAnne Of L.A.SkinCo & Cosmetic INK, as I may be able to help You. 🙏💗 

About LisaAnne Corrective Work 

Lisa is a highly recognise Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooist and has worked within the beauty Industry for over 16 years, Owing and operate-rating various business within the beauty, skincare, and make up industry. Her knowledge of the dynamics of mineral cosmetics, colour camouflage and medical tattooing  comes from trying and utilising a wide range of products, treatments and conditions, with cosmetic, medical camouflage tattooing and makeup coverage with the industry for over many  years of travel over time.


Such as London, America, Paris and parts of Europe, experiencing many renowned ranges of makeup and minerals, Now Specialising in the Cosmetic and Paramedical field of tattooing, Advance Skin conditions and concern, underlining medical conditions of the skin, along with the recovery of facial and body scarring, post operative tissue ,mastectomy, burns and genetic dispositions such as vitiligo ,rosacea, hypo trophic scaring, acne, ageing and general skin conditions.   

About Medical Cosmetic Colour Camouflage 

Back Ground Of A Highly Recommend  Mineral Cosmetic Make-up

L.A.SkinMineral Cosmetics has been carefully manufactured to suite all types, skin concerns, to protect and conceal, after any cosmetic , Medical 0r Skin Treatment on  or for an every day natural, healthy coverage, that will not irritate or congestion, Newley Treated Skin, after a cosmetic, medical or Colour Camouflage Treatment.

She listens to every  individuals story, scar , concern, that may or may  not be seen,  only to the eye of the her clients .There is no concern to big or to small, but an individual choice of their achievable outcome or presumed results that may be easy to conceal.. she has a unspoken understanding of what is imperfectly perfect to the individual.. 

Medical Camouflage Question - Can I cover Discolouration in the skin after a post op scar..??

Yes!  This is something that I specialise in, so the treatment we would perform is call Medical Colour Camouflage, as this is explained by a skin coloured tattoo   to best match your surrounding skin to take away the visibility of your concern as much as possible. 

Ideally I would consult you with colour and the treatment and we do the treatment on the day if you are happy to go ahead.  Mostly my clients get excited and want to start straight away if it is what would be the best outcome for you.

  •  Burns

  • Scars

  • Coverage over Bad Eye Brow Tattooing 

  • Dry Needling or Colour Camouflage Post Op eg..

  • Break down of C-Sections 

  • Stretch-marks

  • Areola Tattooing -

  • Nipple Tattooing -

  • Belly button Tattooing

  •  Self Harm Camouflage  

This is to include Stretch-marks, C-sections, Vililago - Scalp Tattooing, Scars, Burns, Cleft Pallets, Mole removal scars, breast reconstruction scars, face lift scars, hair reconstruction scars, accidental scars with loss of pigment, self harm, pigmentation loss, anything that you feel is prominent  to you, she shall tell you what is achievable for your individual concern. In hope that she can achieve a better result for your comfortability. Everyone presents with a difference, that is the beauty of her knowledge and experience  behind Medical and  camouflage tattooing,  at its best.. for you !! with LisaAnne  xx Book to discuss your treatments today

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