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Breasts-Brows -Eyes & Lips   

Life after being diagnosed with breast cancer was such a hard journey, I was desperate to make myself feel and look better, she made me feel comfortable and understood what I was going through emotionally and physically. Thank you for your compassion

Janine, Cancer Survivor

Beautiful Natural Brows  

I want to say a huge thank you to Lisa for making my feathered eyebrows look amazing! I couldn't be anymore happier with the result and also thank you for your time and patience and making me feel very comfortable and at ease. I would also like to thank the rest of the staff for attending me at the door and making me feel welcome on my first visit xx

Chloe M.

Stretch Marks

Thank you so much to LisaAnne as I have darker skin tone and am 32, I had stretch marks on my bottom and also the back of my calves. I Had a few treatments of other machines and little to no results, as a doctor myself I have researched everything, came along  Lisa, feeling very hesitant and also scared but  I can't thank her enough, I was so comfortable with her, She has made me at ease through the whole journey and I would never go anywhere else, she has given me back my summer confidence and to me that is priceless. LisaAnne Thank you 

Mackli xx 

Mens Brows & Scalp Tattooing

Lisa Anne Is Amazing. I was really nervous when I saw her as I had been through a lot previously that caused partial loss of an eyebrow. Being a man this is something we don't want to look like we have eyebrow pencil on, so that was never an option. LisaAnne reassured me straight away with her experience, colours, confidence and all her certifications, not only her hygyin, clinical rooms and thousands upon thousands of before & afters.As my journey has been long, As my medical issues causing the need for her services was evident. She certainly is an expert in her field. my Brows look great and I would reccommend Liisa to anyone. My friend has seen her recently about a scar through his hair and she has performed Scalp Tattooing.... WOW Amazing! Just saying Thank you again.  Love & Light  

Peter D. X

Beautiful Natural Brows 

"Lisa is so lovely and done such an amazing job with my brows! I am so happy with the whole experience and how they turned out!" 

Courtney xx 

Brows so Natural 

"I’m so happy with my brows! Lisa did such a beautiful job and was so inviting and lovely, would recommend anyone wanting microblading to go see Lisa! Thank you so so much 😘"

Jo xx 

Mens Brows 

OMG lisa Changes lives, literally.Not only was I blown away by the amazing work that she does for people befallen ill with health issues, I laid as she did her amazing magic on me!! As over my 50 Years of Life my American Eagle eyebrows had been bumped & scratched, mad many scars, also loss of hair through cancer, as well as a natural loss at my age. Well I walked out of Lisa"s clinic rooms like a 20year old Vin Diesel haha She's get me, as that is another story. I feel Fantastic, thank you so much LisaAnne xx Rob  




Lisa Anne Stewart

Cosmetic- Medical - Scalp Aesthetics Tattoo Specialist 

Former Cosmetic Tattooist of the year 2009

Former Trainer for the ACT<