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About LisaAnne

About LisaAnne - Cosmetic-Medical & Scalp Tattoo Specialist

Now Located in St Kilda,  Melbourne,  working Alongside Cosmetic & Beauty clinics. L.A.SkinCo & Cosmetic INK has worked with High End Cosmetic Professionals, amazing Team of Medical, Dermal,  Skin & Body Specialists. 

L.A.SkinCo's, Founder, Lisa Anne, has been providing high quality Beauty, Cosmetic, Medical, Para- Medical & Scalp Aesthetics treatments to customers for over 22 years. Along with the manufacturing of her own Brands of Mineral Make-Up, Organic Skin Care, Advance Skin Solutions As well as a Lash Extension Line. 


Owner Lisa Anne Stewart, is an Award-Winning Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattoo Specialist as well as has been, a State and National Trainer for the Association. So you can feel comfortable knowing that you are dealing with highly experienced professionals. With our quality results, you will wake, up made up, saving time and effort, yet still so natural!

Lisa Anne's main line of work is within the  Cosmetic, Medical & Scalp Aesthetics Tattooing, and has been over  Perth / Melbourne for 22 years. She is the amongst few who provide corrective work, camouflage, incorrect or reconstruction of previous Cosmetic Tattooing, Scars, Stretch Marks, Re-colouring, paramedical  work and Scalp Micro-pigmentation.

Lisa is known for her work in the fight and journey of recovery of cancer patients in any aspect of care she can provide, as well as burn survivors, post surgery scars, vitiligo, self harm scars, scalp micro-pigmentation and much, much more. LisaAnne had always donated time, products & services  by sponsoring Major Charity Events over the Years, such as the Breast Care Foundations, Heart Foundation, Dana Vulin Foundation, Burns Foundations, just to name a few. 

She loves supporting others in businesses when she can and believes in working with recommendations of many in our industries. 

LisaAnne has signature specialities in colour camouflaging areas of alopecia, vitiligo  

receding hairlines,(SMP) woman hair loss, hair loss from trauma, post medical, woman & mens thinning hair problems, burns, post hair implant reconstruction, surgical scars, post operative scar's, stretchmark, self harm, after mesectomy as well as tummy tuck to add a bellybutton, C-Secntion scars  and much more.

With over 22 Years' Experience in the  Beauty and Cosmetic/Paramedical  Tattooing Field, you can be assured that at L.A SkinCo & Cosmetic INK, you are in the best possible hands.


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